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Pocket Tube - Designed to not only carry your stuff but to access it without digging and searching.



This unique bag with it's pockets makes it super convenient to organize and get at those small things you need during a cave trip: stuff like food, compass, webbing, and carabiner. Its streamline tube shape makes it snag resistant and easy to maneuver through tight and jagged spaces. Its thick vinyl material allows it will take a lot of abuse and still last a long time. Its removable shoulder strap means that it can be slung around the shoulder and carried on the back when walking, carried underneath the belly when crawling, or removed and stuffed in a pocket when it would get in the way. The shoulder strap doubles as a tether to dangle the bag below when doing vertical pitches.




  • 18" high 8" diameter, ~2.1 cubic feet
  • 4 external zipper pockets(large enough for 30ft of braided webbing with biner and pulley)
  • strong vinyl fabric - snag resistant
  • 6' adjustable shoulder strap (not shown)
  • comfortable handle.
  • 6mm accessory tie string included

Price $45.00 + $7.00 shipping


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